The TKKS Motto & Slogan

"Cristil Clear, Pixel Perfect" is the official motto of The Krazy Krew's Studios.
"Games, Entertainment, Fun." is the occasional slogan of The Krazy Krew's Studios.

Cristil Clear, Pixel Perfect™

"Cristil Clear, Pixel Perfect™" is the official motto (& slogan!) of The Krazy Krew's Studios.

With "Cristil Clear," being a notice of how TKKS material is always in perfectly clear & ultraperfection-definition quality, as well as being a reference to the TKKS mascot Cristil Crum™, & "Pixel Perfect" being an acknowledgement of how TKKS never creates anything low quality or less-than-perfect (despite occasionally being intentionally pixelated), TKKS has deemed "Cristil Clear, Pixel Perfect™" the perfect motto!

TKKS feels that anything even 0.01% short of perfect is unacceptable & should never be tolerated under any circumstances. This is why everything TKKS creates is perfect quality, because at TKKS, we never settle for 99.9%. We always go beyond 100%!

Learn more...Cristil Clear, Pixel Perfect™ is actually much more than a mere slogan, or even motto. It is in fact, at minimum, 3 things: the core foundation from which TKKS is built, the power & life source of all TKKS elements & entities, & the sole core principle building block that sets the precedent for anything & everything from TKKS: Perfection. Absolute.

The idea that anything amounting to even an infinitely small amount away from said absolute perfection is intolerable, unacceptable, & should never be passed. Under. Any. Circumstances.

The sole movement pushing back against the common misconception narratives that 'it doesn't have to be perfect' & 'good enough is acceptable'.

The sole movement that takes the 1% exception out of the 99% stereotype.

The sole movement that adds the +1 to the 9 out of 10 cliché.

The sole core value that shows the truth: it DOES in fact, not only have to be perfect, but it has to be perfect in everything it does, as well as in every aspect of existence. (Starting with quality, then continuing on to every area that exists.)

& that 'good enough' is never truly 'good enough' if it's less than perfect. A less than perfect 'good enough' is nonexistent.

TKKS is powered by, operated by, run by, authenticated by, monitored by, & has its entire existence dictated by the values, principles, precedent, & movement of Cristil Clear, Pixel Perfect™, which is why TKKS makes this eternal promise & lifetime guarantee to you for everything official that you see from TKKS:
You will never see anything an even infinitely small amount away from perfect in any aspect. There will ONLY be absolute perfection.

Games, Entertainment, Fun.

TKKS occasionally uses "Games, Entertainment, Fun." as an occasional alternative slogan.

"Games, Entertainment, Fun." is, as you'd probably expect, merely a reference to how TKKS creates games, provides entertainment, & ensures that people can enjoy endless fun.
While not being a fully official slogan, TKKS occasionally decides to use this in TKKS openings & introductions.

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