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TKKS Username Information

On social media, TKKS most commonly uses the username of "TKKSofficial" & display/account name of "The Krazy Krew's Studios".
(The only exception to the username is on social medias that do not allow capital/uppercase letters in usernames, in which case the TKKS username will be "tkksofficial".)

If you see a "TKKS" account that does not use any of these names, there is a very high probability that the account is fake. However, this isn't always the case. Pay close attention to other factors of the account, the social media platform you find it on (if you find it on a platform that is not listed on the TKKS Website then the account is guaranteed to be fake), & what the account is doing.
If you determine that you have found a fake account, report the account to TKKS using the Troubleshooter & await a response that will tell you if further action is needed.

(DISCLAIMER: With the exception of TKKS News, TKKS does not own any of the social medias listed on this page & elsewhere on the TKKS Website.
Except where otherwise noted, every social media program, social media application, & social media website listed here is the property of their respective owners.)