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The Krazy Krew's Studios

The Krazy Krew's Studios (acronym:TKKS) is a multipurpose company producing various types of products, usually oriented around the TKKS franchises.

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The Cristil Crum Series
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Fun Fact: This is a work-in-progress delta version of the TKKS Website!
This version (when complete) is going to be drastically different from the TKKS Website Classic that we all know & love, but you can rest assured that it will be much better, improved, & will mildly resemble the TKKS Website Classic enough to be easy to get used to.
What you're viewing now is a prototype of what will become the definitive official TKKS Website in the future. All other TKKS websites will also change in the future in the same way that the Classic one is changing, but as of now, only the TKKS Website Classic is being reconstructed.
Don't worry though, you can always use the TKKS Website Classic in the meantime! (This improved TKKS Website is only 6.2% complete anyway, so there's a chance you probably want to.)

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TKKS Fun Fact: Extended Information
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This is an experimental TKKS Website.

Until this TKKS Website officially replaces the TKKS Website Classic, this version of the TKKS Website will be known as the "TKKS Website Reconstructed". Although this TKKS Website still has a long way to go until full completion, you can actually keep track of the progress by keeping a close eye on the "Completion Percentage" found on the Fun Fact placeholder! TKKS will update it periodically & accordingly, making it a good way to keep track!

Anyway, feel free to explore & if you ever find any flaws or errors, the "Reviews & Troubleshooting" section of the Utility Navigator will be right at your fingertips! Or, if you are on a mobile/tablet device, simply find "Reviews & Troubleshooting" in the Navigation Index!


The Krazy Krew's Studios. Bringing you Games, Entertainment, & Fun in a Cristil Clear & Pixel Perfect™ quality.