The TKKS Motto & Slogan

"Cristil Clear, Pixel Perfect" is the official motto of The Krazy Krew's Studios.
"Games, Entertainment, Fun." is the occasional slogan of The Krazy Krew's Studios.

Cristil Clear, Pixel Perfect™

"Cristil Clear, Pixel Perfect™" is the official motto (& slogan!) of The Krazy Krew's Studios.

With "Cristil Clear," being a notice of how TKKS material is always in perfectly clear & HD quality, as well as being a reference to the TKKS mascot Cristil Crum™, & "Pixel Perfect" being an acknowledgement of how TKKS never creates anything low quality or less-than-perfect (despite occasionally being intentionally pixelated), TKKS has deemed "Cristil Clear, Pixel Perfect™" the perfect motto!

TKKS feels that anything even 0.01% short of perfect is unacceptable & should never be tolerated under any circumstances. This is why everything TKKS creates is perfect quality, because at TKKS, we never settle for 99.9%. We always go beyond 100%!

Games, Entertainment, Fun.

TKKS occasionally uses "Games, Entertainment, Fun." as an occasional alternative slogan.

"Games, Entertainment, Fun." is, as you'd probably expect, merely a reference to how TKKS creates games, provides entertainment, & ensures that people can enjoy endless fun.
While not being a fully official slogan, TKKS occasionally decides to use this in TKKS openings & introductions.

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