About TKKS

About TKKS

The Krazy Krew's Studios (acronym: TKKS) is an American multipurpose company, primarily producing consumer electronics, games, & cartoons.

TKKS History

Back in 2014, Amarcio Jones blessed the future of the entirety of existence when he thought of the concept of Cristil Crum™. In 2017, he brought this concept to life with the Cristil Crum Series™ & The Krazy Krew's Studios (formerly The Krazy Krew's Heroes). In 2018, TKKS was strengthened by the creation of the Boxer Series™, followed by the Flamey Series™ in 2019, & in 2020, Matthew Banks & Quinn Martin joined, further empowering TKKS with 2 new franchises (The OutClassed Series™ & The ExpiredPill Series™). Together, powered by the motto "Cristil Clear, Pixel Perfect™", the trio built the world's first & only company of absolute perfection!

TKKS Core Values

Learn about all of the values, morals, & ethics that TKKS follows here.

The TKKS Creators

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