About TKKS

About TKKS

The Krazy Krew's Studios is a multipurpose company powered by the motto of 'Cristil Clear, Pixel Perfect™' that creates various products of different types, all of which are usually oriented around the TKKS franchises, though various universal, individualized, & non-franchise oriented TKKS products are also made.

TKKS History

Back in 2014, Amarcio Jones blessed the future of the entirety of existence with quality of perfection when he thought of the concept of Cristil Crum™. In 2017, he brought this concept to life with the Cristil Crum Series™ & The Krazy Krew's Studios (formerly The Krazy Krew's Heroes). In 2018, TKKS was strengthened by the creation of the Boxer Series™, followed by the Flamey Series™ in 2019, & in 2020, Matthew Banks & Quinn Martin joined, further empowering TKKS with 2 new franchises (The OutClassed Series™ & The ExpiredPill Series™). Together, powered by the motto "Cristil Clear, Pixel Perfect™", the trio built the world's first & only company of absolute perfection!

TKKS Core Values

Learn about all of the values, virtues, & core principles that TKKS follows here.

The TKKS Creators

Learn about the people responsible for the existence of absolute perfection here.

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Afterwards, email the document to "amarciojones@TKKSofficial.com" & await a response.

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