The Krazy Krew's Heroes

The Krazy Krew's Heroes is the original & former name of The Krazy Krew's Studios.

When TKKS was originally first created, it was intended to only be a hero team for the Cristil Crum Series™, which was the only TKKS franchise at the time. Due to this, the very first name TKKS had used was actually merely "The Krazy Krew". However, Amarcio had quickly decided that the name was too short & thus, he had changed it to "The Krazy Krew's Heroes".

However, over time, as more franchises were created, Amarcio quickly realized that managing multiple franchises at once would not be an easy task.

So, to simplify things & solve this newfound problem, Amarcio decided to turn TKKH into an actual company! It was at this point that he changed the name from "The Krazy Krew's Heroes" to "The Krazy Krew's Studios".