TKKS Wallpapers

(General Wallpapers)

Perfectionize your device background with the universal TKKS wallpapers!

Downloader Directions

These TKKS wallpapers of perfection can be applied to the home screen & lock screen of the current device you are using to view this website & every other device you have.
The installation method for the wallpapers has been heavily improved over the original TKKS Website- Now, all you need to do is click/tap on a wallpaper, let it install automatically*, then go to your files (or settings if you're on a phone or tablet, although both can typically work on most devices) & set the new image you downloaded as your home & lock screen wallpapers!
(*Note that the improved installation method is experimental, so if you try it & it doesn't work, the original method will still work! Right click/long press on the image & click/tap "Save Image As". Every step after will still work as normal.)

For more wallpaper help, click/tap here.

Computer Wallpapers

TKKS Computer Wallpaper Light Theme

TKKS Computer Wallpaper Dark Theme

Mobile Wallpapers

TKKS Mobile Wallpaper Light ThemeTKKS Mobile Wallpaper Dark Theme