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TKKS Alert Formats

Occasionally, some things you may click/tap on when on the TKKS Website will give you a popup. Depending on what you clicked/tapped on, you may get a different popup every time. Though different kinds of popups are soon to be created, there are currently 3 possible popups to appear when you click/tap on something. These popups only appear in certain areas & aren't exactly everywhere, so this information is only useful for when you happen to find one.

Perfectiomessage Popups

These are standard & default TKKS popups. The way these popups work is by adding a message on your screen under the TKKS Utility Navigator (or next to it if you're on a phone), & covering most of your entire screen with it except for the Utility Navigator. You can scroll through these popups to read the messages inside, & click/tap the turquoise "CLOSE" button under the message to remove the popup from your screen. On some of these popups there will be a second turquoise button either to the right of or under the "CLOSE" button containing different text. Clicking/tapping these buttons will perform an action of some kind, said action being dependent upon the exact popup you receive.

Internalized Standard Popups

These popups are the standard alert popups that you've probably seen on most non-TKKS websites. These popups go straight to your internal device with a message that you can scroll through to read, & click/tap an "OK" or "Close" button to remove. On the TKKS Website, these popups are used only on the TKKS Contactor.

Internalized Alternative Popups

These popups are the an alternative version of the standard alert popups that you've probably seen on most non-TKKS websites. These popups go straight to your internal device with a message that you can scroll through to read, & click/tap a "Cancel" button to remove. These popups also include an "OK" or "Close" button that you can click/tap to perform an action of some kind, usually detailed within the popup message. These popups are used only on the TKKS Contactor.

The TKKS Contactor

The TKKS Contactor is an experimental TKKS feature that allows you to send a message of any kind to the TKKS People of Perfection, rate your experience with the TKKS perfection, report stuff to TKKS, & apply to become a TKKS perfectionist yourself! To use it, simply direct yourself to the "Reviews & Troubleshooting" button on the TKKS Utility Navigator or the TKKS Navigation Menu, & scroll downwards to "Select your contact topic!". Under that text will be a topic selector that you can click/tap on to select what you want to use the contactor to send. As of right now, there are 10 available options that you can select from the topic selector, those options being "General Message" (for if what you want to send doesn't align with any of the options below it), "Question" (which is used to ask TKKS any question that isn't a request), "Credit/Acknowledgement" (for if you want to thank TKKS for anything), "Request" (which is used specifically to ask TKKS to do something), "Send a Gift" (which is supposed to be used for fan content but doesn't actually work yet), "Donation" (which is used to donate to TKKS but doesn't yet work), "Send a Review" (which you can use to give your own rating of your TKKS perfection experience), "Business Inquiries" (used for company people with a business proposal of some kind for TKKS), "Report/Troubleshoot" (which is used to report something to TKKS), & "Career in Perfection" (which is used to apply to become a TKKS perfectionist).

If you select "General Message", "Question", "Credit/Acknowledgement", "Request", or "Send a Gift", you will then have to scroll upwards to "Type your email so we can reach you to respond" in the box below the text telling you to do so, & then scroll down to "Select the legend(s) you would like to contact". By default, Amarcio, Matthew, & the TKKS Support email will already be selected. You can deselect & reselect any of them (though if you leave only the TKKS Support email selected, it is recommended to include who you intended your message to get sent to in your actual message). After choosing which perfectionist(s) to send your message to, you can scroll down to a large textbox where you can type your actual message. If you have already typed your email, selected who to send your message to, & typed your actual message, a turquoise button will appear below the message textbox. Click/tap this button to send your message! (You may have to click/tap an additional "OK"/"Close" button afterwards.) If at any point you make an imperfection (which, we have no idea why you would, but just in case), there will be a gray Imperfection Button below the message textbox & turquoise button if it has already appeared. You can click/tap this button to clear your imperfections. (Note that clicking/tapping it will make you have to restart & refill the entire contactor from the beginning again.)

If you select "Send a Review", "Report/Troubleshoot", or "Career in Perfection", there will be a third-party form below the topic selector that will be respective to the option that you selected that you can fill out.

If you select "Send a Gift" or "Donation", know that both of these options do not actually work yet & are only there to be placeholders, though you can try them anyway.

TKKS Wallpapers

You can perfectionize your home & lock screen with the official TKKS wallpapers! To do this, direct yourself to the TKKS Wallpaper Selector button on the TKKS Utility Navigator or the TKKS Navigation Menu & click/tap on it. After you arrive to the Wallpaper Selector, you can scroll downwards & click/tap on the TKKS franchise you want your wallpapers of perfection to be themed from. You can also select "All Franchises" if you just want a general TKKS theme! After selecting the theme of your wallpapers, simply scroll downwards to "Computer Wallpapers" or "Mobile Wallpapers" (depending on the device you have) & click/tap on the text. The wallpapers will then appear, during which point you can click/tap on whichever wallpaper you want. The wallpaper you click/tap on will download to your device. The process to actually set the downloaded image to your wallpaper differs on different devices, so if you do not know how to do it, simply scroll upwards to "Downloader Directions" for more information.

TKKS Perfectionistic Mode

Did you know that the current mode you're in that allows you to see this text is an all-new feature exclusive to the TKKS Website Reconstructed called "Perfectionistic Mode"? This is a hidden mode that you can activate through hidden buttons that are on every page of the TKKS Website Reconstructed! (Except for the Navigation Help page & TKKS Developer Tools page.) In this mode there are a lot of features you don't usually have on the TKKS Website (unless you're on Those features so far include the TKKS Utility Timebar now being visible & located at the bottom of your screen, & if you're on computer, the TKKS SwiftSelector of Perfection cursor being expanded to be used on your entire screen instead of only on the Utility Navigator, the TKKS SwiftSelector of Perfection cursor being more reactive in general, & the return of context menus! Additionally, on some pages (like this one!) being in this mode reveals certain things that aren't visible on the normal mode of the TKKS Website.